Blank – from the Mind to the Heart

Blank – from the Mind to the Heart

Word prompt of the day BLANK. It is like an irony, woke up today morning to the feeling of emptiness. I think it is not necessary to be in a relationship or with your family to feel loved. In the presence of your own thoughts too you can feel secured. Because it is a fact nobody likes to hurt themselves.Lately, I have been thinking of my life and the diversion it is going through. I have been living a lie from a long time, thought that my marriage was based on lots of LOVE & TRUST. But, one fine day all the world of mine came crashing when he finally confessed of a committment that he made too someone else without my knowledge. Wasn’t marriage supposed to be a clean and pure commitment for life? But then isn’t loyalty what we all yearn for and never get! Coming back to the prompted word “BLANK” – blankness is a feeling when your soul also ends up deserting you. It is when your delusionised world crashes down and you stand blankly watching it crumble. Not all tears that roll down your cheeks have to be a result of happiness or grief.. a blank feeling can make you cry aswell. It does not have to hurt to make your mind numb. A blank brain is as good as a dead heart.. Stay safe untill next time 🙂



A hello from me to You

A very good day to all the fellow bloggers and readers 🙂 Maybe an introduction of self is necessary but then anonymity benefits more. I have always been more of a reader than a writer. Writing a blog is almost as if speaking out all of those thoughts which were never meant to escape from the mind. Sometimes I feel nobody and I literally mean nobody can understand the sentences that I speak. Hence I finally felt that penning down those words/sentences might be a better way to let go off the steam than holding in all the frustration. I am almost 27 years of age,but I feel as though I have been on this planet Earth since 100 years. Yeah! I know alot of people must be relating to this thought of mine, but then we were never promised an easy life.Situations,consequences and circumstances don’t make you age early.It is your potential to fight back to them that brings you down.I really do not know what content should a blog have so that the reader feels good after reading it.But I am kind of a sadist (my brother feels so and the family agrees with him 🙂 ), not crying over everything and everyone. But yes it often hurts to stand strong when the people you want on your side are standing against you. I mean what family gives up on each other? and what is the defination of a family? Not asking the dictionary defination. How my head defines family values is almost different than alot of people.. I even differ among my siblings 😐 Now I don’t expect all of them to understand me and my complicated brain but someone atleast one of them could try…  so yeah that’s why I have chosen this medium to atleast calm down my absurd nerves. Stay safe bloggers untill next time ..